What fits in a 6x3 unit?


Showing one of our 6m x 3m Units. These huge units can store a 3 or 4 bedroom house lot of goods or a vehicle with extra room for general storage. 

If you are moving to the Nelson region or within it, a 6x3m unit is the perfect place to store your house load of precious possessions, while you are in between houses. We work with all moving companies to make sure your goods are delivered as scheduled to the right unit. We will also courier you access cards before your arrival if you are arriving to Richmond/Nelson after your house lot arrives.

Richmond Storage's 6x3 units are also great for businesses as a central location for trade goods, tools, or anything that needs 24/7 safe, secure access. We have many businesses who use Richmond Storage for their trade base. We provide each of their team their own access card so they can come and go as their business needs require.

These units are 48m³ and just $65 per week incl GST. For more info or to check on availability either call us on 0800 114 129 or click here for info and a quote or click here for more storage sizes.