Unit Features

  • 6x3m floor space/ 48.6 cubic meters
  • Drive-up access
  • Powered unit (optional)
  • Industrial ply lining - strong enough to stack against

Our large units are about the size of a large single car sized garage. These make excellent residential storage, large enough for a 4 bedroom house lot or a vehicle and some storage at either end of the unit.

Our 6x3m units are popular with tradespeople as a base to store tools and supplies and with businesses who need extra storage for furniture and files. The units are large enough that our main office here at Richmond Storage is a converted 6m x 3m unit.

Our garage style units are constructed from hardwood meaning they are tough (contents can be stored against the walls) and are moisture free. As the units can breathe and are insulated they are able to regulate extreme temperatures to prevent condensation in the unit or the discolouration of white-ware that can occur in some container storage options.

Every storage space at Richmond Storage has fire monitoring, intruder detection, and pest control. 

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Large Storage Unit