Unit Features

  • 3x3m floor space/ 24.3 cubic meters
  • Internal or external access available
  • Powered unit (optional)
  • Industrial ply lining - strong for stacking and dry

Our medium units have room for about a two bedroom home or medium sized office worth of stuff. Our 3x3m units are popular with people moving house or wanting to declutter and with businesses who need extra storage for furniture and files.

A selection of our medium units have optional power that can be enabled upon request and we do have some medium units that are internal access so have automatic lights inside.
Most of the medium units are accessed externally so you can park right beside the roller door to unload or load on moving day.

Each of our units has its own intrusion alarm which is monitored 24/7. When you enter our facility the access card turns off the alarm in your unit and in your unit only, this combined with our CCTV and staff onsite provide well rounded security for whatever you store with us. 

Our garages are constructed from hardwood meaning they are tough (contents can be stored against the walls) and are moisture free. Every storage space at Richmond Storage has fire monitoring, intruder detection, and pest control.

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